Empower and Inspire: Finding the Happiness Within

For a few years I had a little blog on blogger.com that I used to document my journey as a woman on a mission to spread peace, love and light by sharing my own experiences. I haven’t written on it for a few years and thought maybe I would bring the same concept over to my website here. Although I am a children’s yoga teacher on a mission to empower and inspire children to bloom and find their own voices…why can’t I use this space as a place for everyone, not just kids, to see a little bit of themselves and maybe find some inspiration to find their own happiness within?

I may occasionally recycle a post or two from my old blog because sometimes I think things that matter are worth repeating. Often times we can gain a different insight and perspective at certain times in our lives (and I know from my own personal experience that there are certain things I just need to hear over and over again to sink in)

So if you are here and reading this, let’s take this journey together and see if we can learn something about ourselves and each other along the way!

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