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About Me

My name is Becky May and I currently live in The Woodlands, Texas with my husband Mike and our three-legged Lab Goldie.

Yoga became my passion 7 years ago after my Mom passed away from cancer at the age of 57. I was looking for something to bring me back to life after such a terrible loss, and yoga gave that to me. It’s been a integral part of my life ever since and being able to share yoga and all it’s benefits with children is so amazing.

I love yoga, hiking, traveling, new adventures, reading, chocolate and being an Auntie!

I was born in Farnham, England but moved to the United States with my parents and my older sister Amanda when I was 6 years old. I have lived in California, Minnesota, Ohio, Florida and Texas.

Manatees and dogs are my favorite animals. I am a vegetarian. My favorite foods are hummus and avocados. I love to drink tea (it’s the Brit in me) and will never turn down anything sweet.