What to Expect

For younger children, each class is a story/theme-based practice that lasts 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the ages of the children. Each practice focuses on different poses and movements in an easy to follow, fun, engaging way.

Themes and stories are based on common experiences that children encounter such as friendships, self acceptance and awareness, bullying, kindness, managing frustrations and stress, exploring feelings and new experiences.

For older children and teens, who have so much on their plates with academics, sports, family and social obligations, yoga is a way to help them chill out and get in tune with their bodies and minds. Each class will be more like an adult class, where the focus will be a bit more on the poses, while also teaching them active relaxation techniques and helping them to build a strong foundation that can be carried into their daily lives.

Each practice will help the children build strength and flexibility, improve their balance and coordination and teach them how to actively relax.

By practicing yoga, the children will also increase their confidence, expand their imaginations and learn how to explore and express feelings.

Children’s yoga is not competitive or judgmental, so all kids feel valued and accepted. It’s very important to me as a teacher that my practices are all inclusive, so all children can take part equally despite any special needs.