A Letter to my Younger Self

Dear one,

Be brave. Life is difficult and you will experience heartbreak and sorrow of unimaginable proportions …but you will survive. You are stronger than you think. Trust your gut. Don’t be so afraid of everything. Try new things, take risks, and don’t give up on yourself or dreams because things get hard. Keep trying. When one door closes, look for another one. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t let your heart be treated unkindly. You are amazing and kind and worthy of love. Always remember that.  Even when your heart is breaking into a million pieces, remember your worth. Shine bright and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. You are one of a kind, be proud of who you are. Share your heart with the world and spread love everywhere you go. Stop doubting yourself. Be gentle with yourself. No one is perfect and everyone is different, that’s what makes the world so awesome. Believe in yourself and what you have to offer to the world. Love yourself, just as you are. Don’t regret the past, choose to learn from it. Cherish time with loved ones because life is short and there are no guarantees. Your life will be filled with so many amazing things, never forget to be grateful. Have fun. Laugh a lot. Always be kind.

Love,  Me xxx

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